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We are aware of different lifestyles and needs of our customers and this is why we decided to devide our assortment by categories.Wide span of our products includes organic (eco) mono teas (tea made of one kind of herb only), organic (eco) tea mixtures that come with health calims, as well as the manufactured tincture drops with health claims, made upon our own recipe.    We mustn't exclude the encapsulated products in a form of cellulose capsules of plant origin (HPMC) and with scientific claims. Our products are rich in active ingredients and nutritive values and their full- bodied flavour and enchanting aroma are like made-for relaxing after a long day. We nurture the combination of tradition and science since the 1992, while keeping trends and needs of our customers and the market itself on our mind.

Natural and organic food products at your door

A global tendency towards the increase in production and sales of organic teas and almost all tinctures can be observed. These products help protect the public health and the nature, they are free of pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMO) and synthetic fertilizers. 100% natural products, produced in the traditional way,...


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Natural and organic food products at your door


Ayurveda is a great power rooted in nature. Our organic / biological / ecological products are based on 100% natural and biological farming. The herb extraction – production of tinctures – is an art of combining various aromatic flavours and food...


Briga za organizam
06. Sept 2021.

Briga za organizam

Kako se brinuti? Zdrav imunološki sustav omogućuje vam suočavanje sa svim vremenskim uvjetima. Najbolje je sustavno...
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