Organic Rosehip fruit - 100% - seedless

Organic Rosehip fruit - 100% - seedless
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 Organic Rosehip tea 150 g - organic product

This Rosehip tea (Fructus Pericardia) is seedless, as it contains only husk. Due to its rarity it is highly regarded on the market. It blossoms during June and July and its fruit is ready to harvest about the end of September.  

Whole Rosehips cynorhodon - Rosa Canina Cynorrhodon
Fructus Pericardia

Rose haw or rose hep of the rose plant, which is woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa. Rose hips contain vitamins B1 i B2, provitamin A and they are ued in food industry not only as a tea, but as a jam or marmelade as wel. The use of the rose hip is mentioned even in  the Vedas, as well as in the ancient icelandic literature and mythology. Darvitalis organic Rosehip fruit tea (Fructus Pericardia), is seedlees and that kind of tea is higly regarded and rare on the market. Enjoy its bitter-sweet taste and divine aroma.

Rosehip fruit (Rosa canina) 100%

Natural. Free of artificial flavoring, coloring and preservatives. 

Pour 3 dl of water over one spoonful of tea, boil it for 3-5 minutes and leave in a covered pot for 10 minutes. Stir occasionally and then strain. Sweeten according to your liking. 

Keep out of reach of children. Do not take the product in case of oversensitivity to the preparation's ingredient.

Tea is contained in a pvc bag and cardboard packaging. All packaging is recycable.  Store in a dry and dark place below 25 degrees.

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