About us in brief

The company Biotera d.o.o. was set up in 1992 and in 2011 it changed its name into Darvitalis d.o.o. Other company details have not been changed (ownership, personnel, etc.).

Darvitalis is one of the first companies in the EU that has registered numerous products compliant with the European Commission Regulation and the regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

We produce organic tea mixtures, organic mono teas, organic tinctures (herbal drops) and capsule products in capsules of plant origin. We offer a large number of products with scientific claims.

When we develop new products, we combine and take into consideration traditional views and the latest scientific findings.

Our vision is to develop and place on the market new, innovative organic products which meet the needs of consumers. Since 2012 we have been selling capsule products of plant origin, and since 2014 numerous functional organic (biological – ecological) tea mixtures and mono teas. All our products all based on naturally derived ingredients.

Our vision is to further study and develop products according to the latest and newest trends in order to meet the increasingly demanding needs of the market, as well as the needs and expectations of our customers.

Darvitalis has become a well-known name in the world of herbal products. Since the start of our business, we have been trying to provide our customers with a unique experience. We appreciate all our customers who, like you, spend their valuable time in an attempt to get to know our product range and to do business with us. We respect what we do and we always try to offer our products in the best possible way.
We thank you for your engagement and your trust, thanks to you we have become a name to be reckoned with on the global market of organic teas with scientific claims, organic mono teas, organic tinctures and other products.

100% natural, free of any flavoring, coloring and preservatives. 


More about us

At the heart of our focus are herbal extracts and vitamins and produce food products of superior quality, teas, organic tinctures and capsule products.

We own our success to the continuous blend of traditional medicine and dietary supplements, organic farming, herbal extracts and herbal tinctures. Our team has a lot of experience when it comes to the application of ecological farming practices under the general notion of a healthy lifestyle. We have the necessary certificates, our products are certified according to ISO 22000, HACCP certified and organically certified.

Goal / Purpose / Task

We make healthy living possible to our customers by offering nutrient-dense foods of the best quality. Our goal is to create a pleasant working environment, where all staff are treated equally and have the chance to develop their skills and to move forward in the organization. We work towards creating a better global image of herbs, herbals extracts, capsule products and organic tinctures from Croatia.


To make a healthy lifestyle possible for everyone

To leave a better environment and to help create the foundation for healthier lives for the wellbeing of future generations.


Our team consists of dynamic, innovative people, who share a passion for medicinal herbs and sustainable living habits.

All team members have the chance to express their ideas and to develop and grow personally.

Since our approach to work is based on innovativeness, all members of our team can try different ideas and learn from their mistakes. It is through these experiences and failures that we gain new insights.

The staff see Darvitalis as their second home, they bring their dreams with them every morning and they come with joy. We firmly believe that happy and successful employees, as well as products of top quality, ensure the happiness of our customers.

Our environmental protection policy

Environmental protection is very important to us.

We carefully choose the suppliers within the supply chain to make sure that our products are safe for the environment.

Food safety policy​

We strive to offer our customers innovative products of plant origin and of the best quality as dietary supplements, to remain competitive at home and abroad, which refers particularly to the EU market, towards the general goal of improving eating habits and protecting health.

We strive to guarantee the same high level of quality for our products that include herbal teas, tinctures and capsule products – dietary supplements.

When responding to requests and expectations, in order to make sure that our customers are always happy, we will:

- apply methods to assess and analyze customer satisfaction and monitor the efficacy of the food safety system according to the norm HRN EN ISO 22000:2006.

- promote the management system of food safety in a continuous and responsible manner and constantly strive towards the highest quality of products according to Croatian regulations, internationally recognized standards and the requirements of good manufacturing practices.

- ensure a satisfactory standard of communication with all participants in the food chain, identify associated food safety risks and ensure appropriate controls in every part of the food chain.

- set ambitious, measurable and feasible food safety goals.

All employees will act in a manner that will permanently contribute to the promotion and improvement of food safety.

About us in brief

Why should you choose us?

Tradition and perseverance

With effort and perseverance to efficient and high-quality products.

We know what you are looking for

Thanks to our year long experience we have developed distinctive products for the needs of our...

No additives

Our products are 100% organic – natural, biological, ecological, GMO-free, free of pesticides and...

Growth tendency

Happy customers, who recognize the results of our considerable experience and quality, recognize...

Fresh and natural

Our fresh and carefully selected herbs are the best choice for you.

Tasty and pleasant

Products with a distinctive taste and smell. 

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